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Tecno Camon 16 Premier Price, Specs and Where to Buy in Your City in Nigeria


Tecno Camon 16 Premier Price in Nigeria

The race continues as Tecno releases yet another flagship smartphone – Tecno Camon 16 Premier.  Tecno Camon 16 Premier comes loaded with lots of features and capabilities.  It has 128GB ROM, and 8GB RAM, 64MP Ultra Quad Camera, and 33W Flash Charge. Tecno Camon 16 Premier has a 6.9″ FHD Dual Dot-in Display.

Continue reading as we walk you through more of the features of Tecno Camon 16 Premier.

At the end of this page, you will see a link to the list of verified Tecno smartphone sellers in Nigeria.


Tecno Camon 16 Premier Features

The Camera

Tecno Camon 16 Premier is regarded as the pioneer camera phone and has won several awards already which include IFA “Camera Technology Innovation Smartphone Gold Award”.  Camon 16 Premier comes with a Flagship-level 64 MP ultra-quad camera. The 64+8+2+2MP rear camera module brings you a superb photography experience.

Tecno Camon 16 Premier also has an 1190 anti-distortion super-wide-angle and macro-shot lens, a depth control lens, 1080P ultra-night video-shoot lens, and five rear flashes that enable you to take photos even in dark scenarios.

Tecno Camon 16 Premier comes with a 48MP super clear selfie lens.  It also comes with a 1050 auto ultra-wide-angle selfie lens, an adjustable dual front flash that enables you to take great selfies even in low-light sceneries.



TAIVOSTM (Tecno AI Vision Optimization Solution)

This is an image processing and enhancement lab for Tecno smartphones in the Camon series. TAIVOS was well deployed in the production of Tecno Camon 16 Premier which is an edge over other smartphones in the Camon series.

Daytime or nighttime, you always want to capture all your stunning moments. This is why a professional and perfect portrait mode is created.

Ultra Night Portraits

Even in the night or dark environment, the portraits taking with Tecno Camon 16 Premier would always be exquisite and clear. Compared with super night mode V1.0, Ultra Night Portraits allows for faster response time. The imaging system segments and processes the portrait detail in a dark environment more professionally and delicately. The night appears to be more transparent, bright, and clear.


Portrait Bokeh

Tecno Camon 16 Premier highlights figure contour and also processes the surrounding details of portraits more carefully. This makes the portrait more outstanding in the whole picture and easily catching peoples’ attention.

This feature also joins in video recording. It highlights people in the video, blurs the background details, and also finely processes the edges.

HDR Portrait

The professional HDR 12-bit edge refinement clearly reveals the dark part details and processes the light part not overexposed.  Every little exposure detail makes the portrait more natural. Even in a low-light environment, you can still save your charming moments.


Eye Focus

With eye focus function, the camera lens would focus on your eyes precisely, and timely, and also depict different angles of you. Even when you are moving or want to take a photo of your profile, Tecno Camon 16 Premier is able to capture the stunning moments of you.




1050 Ultra Wide Angle Mode

When there are more than three people in one selfie frame, the camera will recognize and switch automatically to ultra-wide-angle selfie mode in order to capture everyone. The whole process is automated and there is no need for your manually switching. This feature is excellent in that it helps you to avoid the embarrassment of not capturing everyone when taking a group selfie. Compare with traditional selfie cameras, the visual angle of the ultra-wide 1050 selfie angle was upgraded by 1.6 times.


AI Beautification 4.0

This version of AI beautification still keeps the original spirit of creating perfect dark skin. The AI face recognition and Bokeh algorithm in Tecno Camon 16 Premier have better adaptability to dark skin.

This feature not only focuses on photos but also expands its range to video recording. No matter whether it is a static status or a dynamic status, you are always gorgeous.


10X Hybrid Zoom

With Tecno Camon 16 Premier, you can zoom in and out without losing the clarity and sharpness of the image in focus.


AI Scene Recognition 3.0

This feature allows for smarter photography. It supports 5 customizable scene specifications, namely human, flower, food, pet, and street according to local need and preferable color, and real-time effect optimization. AI Scene Recognition 3.0 depicts the essence of smarter photography through its powerful functions.

Supper HIS Aerial-camera-level Stabilization

This feature combines the great advantage of EIS and AIS. Tecno Camon 16 Premier steps into the era of Super HIS (Hybrid Image Stabilization). This feature brings you a stable and smooth video shooting experience that you may never have experienced before.

The Super HIS stabilization in Tecno Camon 16 Premier gives you the same level as the aerial camera of a drone. A speedy movement, running pets, party people, all could be captured in a steady frame of footage. This feature also supports high-definition and high fps video shooting.




4k/30fps Mode

Tecno Camon 16 Premier offers you the choice of 4k unimaginable high-definition video quality. The whole output from Tecno Camon 16 Premier appears like a real movie reaching the IMAX cinema level. With Tecno Camon 16 Premier, you can make a movie with ease.


1080P Ultra Night Video-shoot

Tecno Camon 16 Premier comes equipped with a professional video camera and 2.9 pm superpixel. In Tecno Camon 16 Premier, the ability to detect light in a dark environment is twice that of a normal mobile phone. Even in the night and a low light environment, Tecno Camon 16 Premier could also record a clear and bright video.


Super Video Mode

This feature now supports high-definition video output and offers continuous slow-motion shooting at 960 frames per second.


The security

Tecno Camon 16 Premier comes with a fingerprint scanner mounted on its side. With this positioning, you can unlock your Tecno Camon 16 Premier with a convenient and comfortable gesture.


The display

Tecno Camon 16 Premier has a 6.9” FHD dual dot-in display. This screen type gives a clearer picture, whether you are playing games or watching movies.


Tecno Camon 16 Premier has several other interesting features including

  • AR 3.0 customization – enables you to customize your Emoji figure.
  • Camera interaction – is camera guidance for users to better learn how to take more stunning photos. This effectively cuts down the time users spend learning how to operate cameras.
  • Fast Charging – this allows for the 4500mAh battery of Tecno Camon 16 Premier to fully charge in a few hours.


Tecno Camon 16 Premier Price in Nigeria

The price of Tecno Camon 16 Premier in Nigeria is between N125,000 and N130,000




Tecno Camon 16 Premier Price in South Africa

The price of Tecno Camon 16 Premier in South African is between 4,300 and 4,500 South African Rand


Tecno Camon 16 Premier Price in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Malawi

The price of Tecno Camon 16 Premier is relatively the same in all African countries.

You can buy Tecno Camon 16 Premier in any of these countries at a price range of 270 USD to 280 USD


Tecno Camon 16 Premier Release Date

Camon 16 Premier was released in September 2020


Tecno Camon 16 Specifications


  • Height: 170.61mm
  • Width:77.18mm
  • Thickness: 9.1mm
  • Display: 6.9” FHD
  • 1080*2460 Resolution
  • Screen type: Touchscreen
  • ROM: 128GB ROM
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Battery: 4500mAh
  • Operating System: Android™ 10


Network & Connectivity

  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • HSPA+
  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • FM
  • BT
  • OTG




Camera & Interface

  • Front Camera: 48MP Dual Front Camera with Dual Flash
  • Back Camera: 64MP Quad Rear Camera with Five Flash



  • G-Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Electronic Compass


In the Box

  • Phone * 1
  • Charger cable * 1
  • Phone Charger * 1


Tecno Camon 16 Premier Specs and Price in Nigeria – Summary

  • Color: Glacial Silver
  • Front Camera: 48MP Dual Front Camera (Ultra Wide Angle Selfie Camera)
  • Back Camera: 64MP Ultra Quad Camera
  • Display: 6.9″ FHD Dual Dot-in Display
  • Fast Charger: 33W Flash Charge
  • ROM: 128GB ROM
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Processor: Helio G90T Extreme Performance
  • Super Video Mode
  • Ultra Night Portrait Powered By TAIVOS™
  • Operating System: HiOS based on Android™ 10




Where to Buy in Your City in Nigeria

You can buy this smartphone from any of the sellers that place advertisements on this website. The good news is that most of these sellers have different payments methods which include payment on delivery. All you have to do is simply order the smartphone from any of the advertisements on this website and make payment when it is delivered to you and you are satisfied with the quality and condition of the phone.

Alternatively, see Verified Tecno Smartphones sales locations in Nigeria




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Tecno Camon 16 Premier Price in Nigeria, see the video 

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