Reasons Housekeepers do not Work for Long

Reasons housekeepers don’t work for long      

A good percentage of women change at least 3 maids within one year. This is because some women believe they can’t run their homes without a maid. The sad thing is that most of them end up worst with maids than they would have been without one.

Less than 30% of women are happy and satisfied with the services of their maids.  It is ironic how a woman would be unhappy living with a maid; and, at the same time appear so helpless and frustrated without one.

The under-listed are some of the reasons some women won’t keep maids

  1. Nitpicking
  2. Impatience
  3. Lack of Love and respect
  4. Ignorance
  5. Laziness

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One of the sad things that can happen to a person is to live with a critic. It is very difficult to live with someone who always sees faults in almost everything someone else does. And this is always the case with a maid who finds herself in the home of a nitpicker as a boss.

(Note that a maid could be male or female; old or young, but I will be using a girl in this article to represent every other class of maid)

When a woman brings a maid into her home, the first impulse would be to download the girl with instructions. She loads her with the rules; the dos and don’ts of the home, which is correct; anyway.

Wrong First impression

A nitpicking woman may start finding faults after a few days of living with the newly employed maid. This could be noticed from her tone, gradual irritation, and frequent whining.


Before long, hell will let loose in the house, and thunderbolt falling on the newly arrived maid. The reason is that the woman fails to reason that the girl she just employed is probably a stranger. Moreover, the new girl had not lived with her and the entire family before. Also, she is not yet familiar with the mode of operation of the home. Consequently, she might not be getting everything right within the first few weeks of her stay in the house.

Due to impatience, the woman starts getting irate and intolerant each time the maid makes a mistake.  And the fallout of this kind of attitude is usually fear, lack of confidence, and loss of self-esteem. It would be difficult for the maid to get a particular task rightly done.

Mistakes could be more frequent especially when you as the boss are around and would likely be shouting and complaining. Also, you probably may have loaded her with more works to do within a limited time. Nothing could be more frustrating than being under such pressure. Under this scenario, making mistakes or being forgetful is inevitable.

She can be better

The fact that your help doesn’t know a lot of things doesn’t mean that she is a fool or good for nothing. Neither does it mean that she would never be able to learn if properly and patiently taught.

It is very important that you, as the mistress take time to teach her those roles and duties that she would daily be performing for you. Better put; those areas you brought her in to assist with.



Give her time to adapt and readjust

As pointed out above, as the mistress, don’t forget that readjustment is very important for your maid. Even though she knows the right things to do and understands how you expect her to behave, she still needs time to adapt properly. She needs time to adapt to her lifestyle, concepts, ideas, and methods of doing things. And most importantly, she needs to study and understand how to deal with and relate with every individual in the home respectively, especially the kids.

Consider her level of maturity and exposure

You should also consider her level of maturity and understanding. She needs time to adapt to the environment, learn how to use home gadgets. She needs to understand the cooking styles and the general course of meals in the home.

Think about it, you brought this girl as a help in your home, in other words, an “assistant”. You might not have seen it this way, but the purpose of bringing in a maid is to enable you to run your home smoothly. You need her assistance so you would probably have time for other things that are of equal importance.


Teach her with patience

The best you could do is to teach and guide your maid with a lot of patience. For instance; the girl you brought in might likely come from a home where they eat from the floor, so the dining table is foreign to her not to mention setting the table for a meal.

Secondly, she might have never ironed a cloth before, probably because she had always won the type of clothes that never needed one.  Thirdly, she might not know how to write properly, let alone speak good English.  There are a lot of things that might make you regret employing this person in the first place.

As a mistress, don’t leave your maid on her own after instructing her on what to do and probably how to do it for the first time. She would turn up with tons of mistakes if you do.  Instead of shouting, abusing, beating, and punishing the girl for the mistakes look for ways to practically correct her. You can achieve this by doing the task yourself. Showing and teaching her step by step how to do it; even if it is for the third and fifth time.

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Dealing with her imperfections

There are so many things that would likely upset you about your new help. She might unfortunately have an offensive body or mouth odor. Her imperfections will be getting on your nerves, but ask yourself this question…. ‘If she were my biological daughter with such negative aspects, what would I do? Would you try to help her, patiently teach her and encourage her to be more hygienic or would you run down her emotion and self-esteem with constant abuse, scolding, and public embarrassment?

Lack of Love and respect

She deserves love and respects too

So just because she is tagged as a maid in your home makes her less deserving of love, care, and respect? I don’t think so! No woman has any reason or right to maltreat someone else’s child in the name of being a maid. Some women are so mean and incapable of giving love and care to their maids. The worst of them would even restrict anyone who tends to be kind, loving, and respectful to the maid.

She deserves a good meal too

Some women don’t allow their maids to eat what the host family eats. The maid is allowed to eat only when the rest of the family must have finished eating, then the leftovers are hers to feed on. I once saw a picture of a woman, her two kids, and her maid in a fast-food, she and her children were seated around a table feasting on chicken, fried rice, and drinks while she bought biscuit for her maid and made her sit in a distant table from them. This is wrong.

She deserves a break and rests too

In some homes, the maid wakes up before 4 am. She works and sweats without a break throughout the day and retires to bed after midnight. And wakes up again before 4… and the circle continues. As the boss, you forgot that housemaid does not mean a house machine or a house engine… she is a human being prone to weakness and probably with unknown health challenges and difficulties.

She has a future to be affected too

Do you always think about only what the maid should do and how perfectly she should always behave?  How efficiently she should always respond to everyone in the house and smartly attend to every situation that arises but thinks less or nothing about how you can positively impact her future and destiny.

Make her dress in good clothing too

Try as much as you can to dress your maid in nice clothing too, just as your children radiate in beautiful clothing.

Make your kids respect her

You watch your little children abuse and insult your maid yet you do nothing to stop them. You call the girl all sorts of names. You treat her like trash in the presence of your children, neighbors, and relatives. This is wrong. Respect her just as you respect your children.


Are you surprised that she sleeps with your husband?

I have heard a good number of women lamenting over their husbands sleeping with their maids. And they can’t wrap around their fingers why on earth the man would condescend so low to look at, let alone touching and sleeping with a dirty, smelly, illiterate, and ugly thing like her.

The unfortunate secret truth is that your husband might not be as selfish, as unreasonable, and unkind as you are towards your girl. So, The more you unfairly treat her to the notice and awareness of your husband, especially if the girls cook his meal, do his laundries, and always handy to run errands for him, the more he is likely going to be endeared to the girl purely out of pity and compassion.


She is susceptible to emotional blackmail

Considering that this girl’s need for care, affection, and attention might have grown too deep. Consequently, any slight endearing gesture or act of kindness from anyone, including your husband (whether innocently or with ulterior motives) would trigger a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and admiration from the girl towards the man.

She is already vulnerable, at least emotionally; so if your loving husband, unfortunately, decides to take advantage of her and makes advances at her, she considers it a privilege and would not think twice to “do it” with him.  And she wouldn’t mind risking anything; including your wrath, to receive the smile, attention, and affection, and most excitedly, intimacy with the main boss. (It’s probably the only thing that is keeping her going through the hell you are putting her through in your house.)


Get up and take it yourself when possible

Some women are too lazy that they can’t stretch their hands to the table before them to pick their phones. The maid would have to run from the kitchen, backyard, or bathroom (depending on where her duty post is at that moment) to get her the phone.

The woman is unable to carry her handbag from the car to the house; the maid has to run down from upstairs to carry up the bag.

You would always hear her calling on the ‘overtaxed’ maid. The task of taking care of the children, cleaning, cooking, and as well, tending to the man of the house.

It would be a lot easier for the maid if the mistress would just be a bit reasonable, get up and do some things she should do for herself, and be responsible for her husband’s personal needs.

When you overburden your maid with tasks, she is prone to making mistakes. It also breeds resentment and fear in her. Worst of all, she tends to devise ways to minimize her labor by not being thorough in her duties. For instance, cleaning, washing, cooking, and feeding the children when you are away.

She is just a help, please by all means possible, be the managing director of your home. Never abdicate the crucial responsibilities of your home to your maid. Things like your husband’s well-being, children’s home training, etc.

Don’t undo your children because of a maid

Please do not undo your children by not allowing them to do anything in the house because you have a maid. Don’t end up training an outsider at the expense of your children whether male or female. Be smart not to waste the period in which your children could have been trained to be responsible. Ensure that the presence of a maid in the house does not interfere with your children’s home training.

Furthermore, as the mistress of the home, the most foolish thing you could do is to leave the responsibilities and management of your home in the hands of your maid. Never abandon the well-being of your household to her no matter how good, strong, intelligent, and trustworthy she appears to be. This is especially in the areas of talking, nurturing, correcting, and disciplining your children.

Take care of your husband

Be responsible for the meals of your husband, his laundries, and the cleaning of his bedroom. As much as you can, minimize the maid’s unnecessary access into your husband’s bedroom whether he is at home or not.

Mind your kitchen

Know at least what you feed your family with. Don’t leave your kitchen entirely to the maid. As much you can, plan the meal courses and supervise the cooking as often as possible, especially if it is the maid that does the cooking.

Be accountable for your belongings

Try to know what is available in the house and how much of it there is per time. This approach will help you minimize the risk of losing stuff to a dishonest maid. (Some maids steal household items or foodstuffs). It will also help you not to be unnecessarily suspicious or wrongfully accusing innocent persons. Reasons Women Don’t Retain housekeeping employees For Long.

Conclusion – Reasons housekeepers don’t work for long

The keys to maintaining and retaining a good maid are – knowledge and understanding; Relational and communicative knowledge. Sometimes you wonder at the depth of their ignorance of some women, especially when it comes to home, communication, and relational management. Reasons Women Don’t Retain housekeeping employees For Long

Reasons housekeepers don’t work for long, see the video