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itel S32 Price, Specs, and Where to Buy in Your City in Nigeria

itel S32 Price in Nigeria

S32 is one of the best itel smartphones of 2017. itel S32 is a good and affordable smartphone with excellent functionalities. itel S32 comes with a 16GB internal memory that can be expanded using an external memory card. S32 also has a good battery capacity. S13 comes with a disappointing 1GB RAM, and it is powered by Android™ 7.0 Nougat operating system. Itel S32 comes with a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor and it also has a 3000 mAh battery capacity.  Itel S32 is available in two colors; Calx Grey and Light Blue.

Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel S32.

At the end of this page, you will see a link to the list of verified itel phone sellers in Nigeria.


itel S32 Features

Dual Selfie Camera

itel S32 comes with a dual selfie camera ((2.0MP/8.0MP)) that can be used to capture good and beautiful pictures.  On the two selfie cameras, you can switch freely between 8.0MP wide-angle lens, and a portrait lens to snap a classic solo selfie. With these selfie cameras, you can also capture a group of people all in one shot. You can also open the blurred background effect in these cameras to make your photos look professional.




The Display

itel S32 has a stunning 5.5” HD IPS 2.5D Curved Display. This display design was inspired by the natural beauty of water. The 2.5D curved display of itel S32 offers a soft and smooth touch. it is also very beautiful to look at. The HD IPS glass screen ensures good readability in bright sunlight. It also blocks harmful blue light from entering the eye. This reduces eye strain.


Fingerprint Sensor

itel S32 comes equipped with a rear fingerprint sensor. This fingerprint sensor offers you an easier way to take an instant selfie. You can also use it to answer a phone call, unlock the device, and quick launch apps. You can also lock your personal apps like gallery, and contacts by enabling application lock under fingerprint.



Blurred Background Effect

Itel S32 can create a great blurred background effect. This blur background effect highlights people in portrait photos. With the blur background effect, you can take a perfect portrait like a professional. Regardless of how your background looks, you can always capture those beautiful moments.

120° Wide Selfie

120-degree Wide Selfie Mode was developed to better meet the group selfie needs. All you need to do is to capture a picture under a 120-degree Wide Selfie Mode first, then pan the camera left to right for a broader view. With this feature, taking a group selfie has become easier!


One Hand Mode

This allows you to use your itel S32 with one hand. To get started, slide fast between any two keys at the bottom of the front panel of itel S32, the screen will shrink to the bottom right or left edge of itel S32 smartphone in order for you to use your itel S32 with one hand. With this feature, you can use your itel S32 easily and reach out to all four corners with a single hand.



itel S32 Price in Nigeria

The price of itel S32 in Nigeria is between N33,000 and N38,000 depending on your location.

itel S32 Price in South Africa

The price of itel S32 in South African is between 1,000 and 1,150 South African Rand

itel S32 Price in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Malawi

The price of itel S32 is relatively the same in all African countries.

You can buy itel S32 in any of these countries at a price range of $70 to $75



itel S32 Release Date

S32 was released in November 2017.


itel S32 Specifications


Dual selfie camera (2.0MP/8.0MP)

Rear camera 8.0MP AF


Fingerprint Sensor: 8 efficient shortcut

Battery Capacity: 3000mAh

Processor: Quad-Core 1.3GHz

Screen: 5.5“ HD IPS 2.5D Display

Memory: 16GB ROM/1GB RAM

Front Soft Light: Bright selfie in low light

System: Android™ 7.0 Nougat




Where to Buy in Your City in Nigeria

You can buy this smartphone from any of the sellers that place advertisements on this website. The good news is that most of these sellers have different payments methods which include payment on delivery. All you have to do is simply order the smartphone from any of the advertisements on this website and make payment when it is delivered to you and you are satisfied with the quality and condition of the phone.

Alternatively, see Verified itel Smartphones sales locations in Nigeria


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itel S32 Price in Nigeria, see the video

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