itel S32 LTE Price in Nigeria + Full Specs

itel S32 LTE Price in Nigeria

S32 LTE is one of the strongest itel smartphones of 2017. itel S32 LTE is a good-budget smartphone with excellent functionalities. itel S32 LTE comes with a whopping 16GB of internal memory that can be expanded using an external memory card. S32 LTE also has a good battery capacity. S13 comes with 2GB RAM, Android™ 7.0 Nougat operating system, and an improved 3000 mAh battery capacity.  Itel S32 LTE is available in two colors; Amber Gold and Piano Black.

Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel S32 LTE.

itel S32 LTE Features

Dual Selfie Cameras

itel S32 LTE has dual selfie cameras  (2.0MP/8.0MP) that you can use to capture good-quality pictures and videos.  You can alternate between the Selfie Cameras to capture quality Shots. The selfie cameras blend seamlessly on the black glass panel of itel S32 LTE. You can freely switch between the portrait lens, and the wide-angle lens according to your needs. The camera can automatically switch over to the wide-angle lens when it detects more than one face through its lens in order to capture a better photo.


Rear Camera

itel S32 LTE comes with an 8.0MP rear camera. The rear camera when combined with live filters gives you the tools you need to capture stunning shots and every single detail of a moment. You can also quickly upload your images to social media with a simple touch. Also, you can share your memorable photos with your social network with a single touch.


Itel S32 LTE comes with 2GB RAM which gives it excellent performance when compared with its predecessor. S32 LTE provides a seamless, fast, and smooth user experience without any delays, thanks to the powerful quad-core processor and the 2GB RAM. Itel S32 LTE is capable of easily supporting games, large videos, and other apps without any performance interruptions.

360° Fingerprint Sensor

Through the 360° Fingerprint Sensor of Itel S32 LTE, you can quickly access functions.  The fingerprint sensor of Itel S32 LTE provides a secure, fast, reliable, and multi-functional method of accessing different features and applications on your Itel S32 LTE smartphone. You can answer phone calls with your fingerprint, unlock your S32 LTE device, you can also immediately launch apps.

Itel S32 LTE Price in Nigeria

The price of Itel S32 LTE in Nigeria is N21,000.

itel S32 LTE Price on Living Media

The price of itel S32 LTE on Living Media is N21,500.


Itel S32 LTE specifications

  • Camera
  • Dual selfie camera (2.0MP/8.0MP)
  • Rear camera 8.0MP AF
  • Screen: 5.5“ HD IPS 2.5D Display
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Network: 4G LTE/VoLTE
  • Memory: 2GB RAM/16GB ROM
  • Fingerprint Sensor: 8 efficient shortcuts
  • Front Soft Light: Bright selfie in low light
  • System: Android™ 7.0 Nougat
  • Status: Available

Where to Buy itel S32 LTE in Nigeria

You can buy Itel S32 LTE from us at Living Media. You can place an order for delivery or visit our office for in-store pick-up.

You can buy Itel S32 LTE on Konga Nigeria, or on Jumia Nigeria


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itel S32 LTE Price in Nigeria, visit itel Mobile to learn more

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