itel A55 Price in Nigeria + Specs & Features

itel A55 Price in Nigeria

A55 is one of the best itel low-budget smartphones of 2019. itel A55 is good and very affordable. A55 has several functionalities. Itel A55 comes with 16GB of inbuilt memory space that can be expanded using an external memory card. A55 also has a poor battery capacity of 2900mAh. Itel A55 comes with 1GB RAM, and it is powered by Android™ 9 Pie (Go Edition)operating system. A55 comes with a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor.

Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel A55.


itel A55 Features


Itel A55 comes with an 8MP selfie camera and innovative 4-in-1 big-pixel technology. In itel A55, through re-organization as a single big pixel unit, every 4-pixel cells work together. This is to ensure brighter, and clearer selfies output with vivid detail under various light environments. Itel A55 also has an 8MP rear camera that captures excellent shots too.


Itel A55 comes with a 16GB ROM that can be expanded using an external memory card. A55 has more than 12GB of free storage space that can be used to save about 3000 songs and 8000 photos. Itel A55’s inbuilt storage space is big enough that you can install your favorite apps. A55 also comes with 1GB RAM which gives it excellent speed and performance.


Thanks to the optimized Android™ 9 (Go edition) operating system with lighter pre-installed apps, itel A55 has an excellent performance. This operating system and the RAM ensure the smooth running of this device. It ensures that apps and other system functions can be executed at the same time with itel A55 being overloaded and handled.



Itel A55 comes with 8 Functions Intelligent Fingerprint Sensor. in many scenarios, users will discover the great potential of what the fingerprints of itel A55 can do. With the 8 functions of the fingerprint sensor, users lock certain apps to protect their privacy, answer/record phone calls, unlock itel A55 smartphone, take photos, record video, stop the alarm clock or create shortcuts to any apps with the back-mounted fingerprints.

Face Unlock

Itel A55 comes with the Face Unlock feature. The Face Unlock feature of itel A55 can be used to unlock this smartphone even in a dark-lighted environment. This feature is powered by the Screen Fill Light technology which casts light through the screen.

The LiveNess Mode adds extra security features to itel A55. It requires the user to eye blink for unlocking authorization. This feature guarantees the security of the information contained in your itel A55 smartphone. All you need to do is to record your facial information to start using this amazing feature. You note however that the security of the Face ID is not as strong as password and pattern security because similar face or face pictures may be used to unlock your device.


Itel A55 comes with a 2900mAh big battery with two Power Master Modes; Ultra Power Saving, and Smart Power Saving. The Ultra Power Saving and Smart Power Saving power saving modes will help users to extend battery life to the most. This is done either for daily usage or low battery condition.


Itel A55 Price in Nigeria

The price of Itel A55 in Nigeria is N35,000.

itel A55 Price on Living Media

The price of itel A55 on Living Media is N35,000.

Itel A55 Release Date

A55 was released in July 2019


Itel A55 Specifications

  • Operating System: Android™ 9 Pie(Go edition)
  • Processor: Quad-Core 1.3GHz
  • Camera: Rear Camera 8.0MP / Front Camera 8.0MP
  • Location: GPS Enabled
  • Security: Face Unlock x Fingerprint Sensor
  • Display: 6.0″ IPS FullScreen
  • Memory: 16GB ROM /1GB RAM
  • Battery Capacity: 2900mAh

Where to Buy itel A55 in Nigeria

Buy itel A55 at Living Media.
We deliver to all locations in Nigeria.

Delivery to locations outside Lagos takes 3-5 business days.


You can also buy itel A55 in Nigeria at other online stores such as Konga or Jumia. See the price of itel A55 on Konga Nigeria or on Jumia Nigeria.

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