itel A32F Price in Nigeria + Specs & Features

itel A32F Price and Specs in Nigeria

A32F is one of the best itel low-budget smartphones of 2018. itel A32F is very good and cheap. It also has good functionalities. Itel A32F comes with 8GB of inbuilt storage space that can be expanded using an external memory card. A32F also has a good battery capacity. Itel A32F comes with 1GB RAM, and it is powered by AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) operating system. A32F comes with a 2050 mAh battery capacity and a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor.

Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel A32F.


Itel A32F Features


Itel A32F comes with a bad-mounted fingerprint sensor. With this fingerprint sensor, you can unlock this smartphone with just a touch. The circular fingerprint sensor on the back of itel A32F provides you with a unique experience. The fingerprint sensor unlocks your itel A32F smartphone and also offers customized access to your favorite apps in seconds.

With the fingerprint sensor, you can easily record videos, take photos, launch apps, answer calls, and also perform other desirable phone actions with only one touch. Itel A32F allows you to enjoy the utmost reliability, convenience, and smartphone security with the fingerprint sensor.


Itel A32F comes with a crystal clear high quality 5.0” screen that allows you to widen your view. With the broad 5.0” crystal clear smartphone screen of itel A32F, you can dive into your favorite media with ease. Whether you are browsing the internet, playing games, or watching your favorite videos, you can experience the best visual display of your content on the screen of itel A32F.

OS and Performance

Itel A32F runs Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) operating system. This operating system helps to optimize your apps.

This operating system works perfectly with itel A32F smartphone. This ensures that you have a smoother smartphone experience. It allows for more storage, and it also maximizes the battery life for the applications on your itel A32F. You can easily install, access, and use all your favorite apps without worrying about your smartphone slowing down. This operating system ensures that your storage space is not significantly impacted by the applications that are running on your itel A32F smartphone. With itel A32F, you can enjoy high-speed smartphone performance.

Simultaneous Apps Access

Itel A32F is powered by 1GB RAM and a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor. This memory and processor combination allows itel A32F smartphone to run effortlessly multiple applications at the same time, which allows you to multitask and utilize different applications seamlessly.


Power Saving Modes

These modes allow you to maximize the battery life of your itel A32F. They include Custom Mode, Smart Power Saving Mode, and Power Saving Black Technology.

Custom Mode

This mode allows you to manually adjust or alter the default battery settings of your itel A32F based on your daily usage and personal preferences for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data connection, and screen display brightness.

Power Saving Black Technology

This mode increases the battery life of your itel A32F by up to 20%. It does this by reducing power consumption from gaming, navigation apps, social, and browsing.

Smart Power Saving Mode

This mode automatically adjusts the performance settings of your itel A32F smartphone to extend the battery life by up to 35%. This mode is the recommended Mode for Daily Usage.

Data Saver

The operating system of itel A32F comes with a data saver feature. This feature allows you to save time and money by easily monitoring, and managing your apps’ data usage. With this feature, you can gain complete and personalized visibility and control over the applications that utilize your mobile data and the applications that should have reduced mobile data usage.

Ultra Snapshot

With this feature of itel A32F, you can capture without having to turn on or unlock your phone screen, amazing memories in real-time. Even while the screen of itel A32F is off, all you have to do is simply aim the camera at your subject and quickly press the volume down button twice to launch the camera and take your picture.


itel A32F Price in Nigeria

The price of itel A32F in Nigeria is N26,500.

itel A32F Price on Living Media

The price of itel A32F on Living Media is N25,900.

itel A32F Release Date

A32F was released in May 2018.

itel A32F Specifications

  • Fingerprint Sensor: 8 efficient shortcuts
  • Screen: 5.0“ Screen
  • Battery Capacity: 2050mAh
  • Processor: Quad-Core 1.3GHz
  • System: Android™ 8.1 (Go edition)
  • Network: 3G WCDMA
  • Memory: 8GB ROM, and 1GB RAM
  • Camera: Rear camera 5.0MP, and Front camera 2.0MP


Where to Buy itel A32F in Nigeria

Buy itel A32F at Living Media.
We deliver to all locations in Nigeria.

Delivery to locations outside Lagos takes 3-5 business days.


You can also buy itel A32F in Nigeria at other online stores such as Konga or Jumia. See the price of itel A32F on Konga Nigeria or on Jumia Nigeria.

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