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itel A16 Plus Price and Specs in Nigeria: Updated

itel A16 Plus Price and Specs in Nigeria

A16 Plus is one of the best itel low budget smartphones of 2018. itel A16 Plus is good and very affordable. A16 Plus has good functionalities too. Itel A16 Plus comes with an 8GB ROM that can be expanded using an external memory card. A16 Plus also has a good battery capacity.

Itel A16 Plus comes with 1GB RAM, and it is powered by AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) operating system. A16 Plus comes with a 2050 mAh battery capacity and a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor. Itel A16 Plus is available in two colors: Midnight Black, and Champagne Gold. Continue reading as we walk you through some of the features and specifications of itel A16 Plus.




Itel A16 Plus Features

Operating System

Itel A16 Plus is powered by Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) operating system. This operating system gives itel A16 Plus an excellent performance.  With system optimization for entry-level smartphones, with fewer pre-installed and much lighter apps, Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) operating system provides 2x more available storage in itel A16 Plus.



Itel A16 Plus offers you an impressive viewing experience with its 5.0” big-screen display. The screen size of the itel A16 Plus is good for watching videos or reading news online.



Itel A14 Plus comes with a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.  A16 Plus 5MP rear camera allows you to capture beautiful moments and share them with your friends and family.



Itel A16 Plus has an anti-skid chequer back design. The elegant chequer back design of itel A16 Plus brings at your fingertips a slightly rough feeling. This ensures a better grip on your phone.



Itel A16 Plus is powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz processor. It also comes with 8GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM. These deliver an incredible performance, even for social media tasks and the most demanding gaming. With itel A16 Plus, you can enjoy the power that you’ve never experienced before on a smartphone. itel A16 Plus gives an amazing and impressive response time. Most importantly, you can save an almost unlimited number of music, movies, and videos right on your phone due to its big memory.




Itel A16 Plus Price in Nigeria

The price of Itel A16 Plus in Nigeria is N20,000


Itel A16 Plus Price in SLOT

The price of Itel A16 Plus in SLOT is about N19,100


Itel A16 Plus Price on Amazon

The price of Itel A16 Plus on Amazon is not available at the moment.


Itel A16 Plus Price in South Africa

The price of Itel A16 Plus in South African is 600 Rand


Itel A16 Plus Price in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Malawi

The price of Itel A16 Plus is relatively the same in all African countries.

You can buy Itel A16 Plus in any of these countries at a price range of $40 to $50 depending on your location.


Itel A16 Plus Release Date

A16 Plus was released in December 2018.


Itel A16 Plus Specifications

Camera: Rear Camera 5MP/ Front Camera 2MP

Memory: 8GB ROM/1GB RAM

System: Android™ 8.1 (Go edition)

Location: GPS Enabled

Screen: 5.0“ Screen

Processor: Quad-Core 1.3GHz

Battery Capacity: 2050mAh

Wifi: Wifi Hotspot

Color: Champagne Gold and Midnight Black




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