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How to Set up Two-Step authentication on WhatsApp

How to set up two-step authentication on WhatsApp   

People today are accustomed to having the information and resources they need at their fingertips. Two-Factor Authentication provides one of the strongest user validations that today’s organization requires. Organizations that refuse to leverage two-factor authentication as an integral part of their security strategy are leaving their users open to dire consequences of a data breach.

Giving the rise to the spate of attacks on internet property, applications, and their users, organizations, and users are beginning to realize the simple yet important additional layer of security that two-factor authentication offers.

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How a business authenticates users’ ID

To authenticate a user’s identity, any of the three methods under-listed can be utilized; Knowledge: For instance, username and password possession: eg, a physical card, mobile phone, or a security token Inherence: that is, a characteristic unique to the user, for instance, a fingerprint or other bio-metric trait

Typically, SMS-based two-factor authentication uses knowledge (username/password) and possession (such as a PIN) for authentication. To make a security model much more secure and entrenched, the combination of the factors listed above can be used. This makes it difficult for the security system to bypass.

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Given the level of accessibility of mobile phones to today’s workers, it becomes an easy channel to leverage for security authentication. This is because of how frequently it is deployed by everyone. Furthermore, when compared with other two-factor authentication, approaches such as voice recognition, Iris scanning, and fingerprinting, SMS- two-factor authentication avoids unnecessary and expensive complexities while offering a secure way for organizations to protect their data.

Today, SMS- two-factor authentication is been deployed by even strictly regulated financial institutions for customer-based online transactions. When a customer attempts to access an account, or perform a transaction, the bank sends a secure text message to the customer with a One-Time-PIN (OTP) that must be used to complete the transaction.

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There are several other types of two-factor authentication that are been deployed by organizations. For instance, WhatsApp. Follow the following steps to activate your WhatsApp two-factor authentication: Go to your settings and activate your two steps verification with your 6 digits security pin and email.


Reasons you should set up two-step-authentication on WhatsApp

  1. Security improvement: By requiring a second form of identification, two-factor authentication decreases the possibility that someone can impersonate a user and gain access to accounts, computers, or other sensitive resources. A fraudster having access to a password becomes useless. This is because he won’t have the second element required for successful authentication.
  2. Increase flexibility and productivity: Organizations are embracing mobility. This is because of its high contribution to higher productivity. With mobile two-factor authentication enabled, employees and other legitimate users can securely access corporate applications, documents, data, etc from virtually any device or location without putting sensitive information and the corporate network at risk.
  3. Lower help desk and security maintenance costs:  Two-Factor-Authentication help to reduce costly and time-consuming password-reset calls from users by providing a secure and safe way for end-users to reset their own passwords. The business outcome includes cost savings from fewer calls, increased employee satisfaction, and productivity.
  4. Reduce security breaches and build secure online relationships:  Identity theft can result in a loss of trust, credibility, and brand equity, and destroy a customer relationship. Over Twenty-nine percent of fraud, victims avoid unsecured retailers as a result of their victimization, even if the merchant wasn’t directly responsible for the data breach.

Follow the steps above on how to set up two-step authentication on WhatsApp to secure your app.

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How to set up two-step authentication on WhatsApp, see the video

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