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How to Open Domiciliary Account in First Bank

How to Open Domiciliary Account at First Bank

First Bank of Nigeria Ltd has two classes of domiciliary accounts: the FirstDom Plus and the Primary Domiciliary Account.


FirstDom Plus domiciliary account

The FirstDom Plus is a domiciliary account designed for maximum benefits. It offers highly reduced transfer charges and attractive interest rates.

FirstDom Plus is a foreign currency deposit account targeted at potential domiciliary customers and existing customers with a minimum balances of $5,000 and above. This foreign currency deposit account offers attractive interest rates and highly reduced transfer charges.




Features of FirstDom Plus Domiciliary Account

  • FirstDom Plus domiciliary account is operated with a specialized non-clearing Cheque book
  • On the FirstDom Plus domiciliary account, Foreign draft issuance is allowed.
  • No charges on over-the-counter cash withdrawals from FirstDom domiciliary Account.
  • Transfer charges on FirstDom Plus domiciliary account as low as 0.25% flat


Who Can Apply to Open FirstDom Plus Domiciliary Account

Individuals and corporates entities can apply for the FirstDom Plus domiciliary account. All you need are:

  • Individual Account Opening Form. This form contains about fourteen sections (APPLICATION TO OPEN AN INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT, PERSONAL DETAILS, CONTACT DETAILS, VALID MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION, EMPLOYMENT DETAILS, DETAILS OF NEXT OF KIN, etc) that should be duly completed before the account can be opened.
  • Completed Specimen Signature card
  • Two recent passport photographs with a clear background.
  • Valid means of identification e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, or National I.D (NIMC). Card (Original to be sighted)
  • Utility Bill, e.g. PHCN, etc that is not more than three months old from your current place of residence. The original will have to be presented to the account manager.
  • Complete the form and submit it to the nearest First Bank branch




Other things you need to know about FirstDom Domiciliary Account

1) First Dom Plus is different from your Domiciliary Account. They are two different accounts with different benefits and features.


2) Minimum Opening/Operating Balance

The minimum operating/opening balance for FirstDom Plus is in 3 major currencies are: $5,000.00; €5, 000.00; £3, 000.00


3) Interest rates.

Interest rates are based on deposits within the range bellows:

$5,000 – $9,999 at 0.50% per annum

$10,000 – $49,999 at 0.75% per annum

$50,000 – $99,999 at 1.00% per annum

$100,000 – Above at 2.00% per annum


4) Migrating existing domiciliary account to FirstDom Plus Account

You can migrate your existing domiciliary account to FirstDom Plus Account, as long as you can increase your existing balance to the minimum opening balance.


5) Retaining account number after migrating to FirstDom Plus Account

Unfortunately, your account number will be changed after migrating from a domiciliary account to FirstDom Plus account, because the two products are different


6) How to open a FirstDom domiciliary account

Visit any FirstBank branch closest to you to get started.


7) Other benefits available to holders of FirstDom Plus domiciliary account apart from the higher interest paid on this account

  • Any cash withdrawal on the FirstDom Plus domiciliary account is free of charge.
  • Also, withdrawals from any FirstBank branch are allowed.
  • Furthermore, Account holders with balances of $30,000 and above pay ≤ 0.25% transfer charges.




Primary Domiciliary Account

This domiciliary allows you to save in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, or Euro. Your money will be valued at the prevailing exchange rate. It facilitates your international business transactions and gives you the ease of doing international transactions.


The Features

The primary domiciliary account in FirstBank has the following feature:

  • It has a minimum opening balance of $500, €500, or £300
  • Minimum operating balance of $100, €100, or £50
  • There is no limit to the number of withdrawals in a month
  • Cash withdrawal from this account is at 0.5% flat per transaction
  • Inter-sol transactions are allowed for account owners only.
  • Guaranteed FCY deposit
  • Attractive pool for interest on bank fund
  • There are no restrictions on the number of withdrawals
  • Inter sol withdrawal is allowed for account holders only.


Who Can Apply to Open and Operate this Account?

Individuals, SMEs, and corporate organizations can open and operate this account. All you need are the following documents:

  • Two (2) recent passport photographs
  • Duly completed the specimen signature card
  • Valid means of identification e.g. Passport, Driver’s license, or National ID (NIMC) card.
  • Address verification document: Utility Bill

See also: GTBank: Domiciliary Account and International Money Transfer




Other things you might want to know about FirstBank Primary Domiciliary Account

1) Available currencies for this account

This account support for now only Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, and Euro.

Visit any FirstBank branch closest to you to get started.

For more please visit the FirstBank website


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  1. Genesis Maro says

    I want to turn my savings account to a domiciliary what are the requirements

    1. Richard says


    2. Living Media International says

      Hello Genesis, you can not convert a savings account to a domiciliary. You have to open a Dom account directly.

  2. Marc Beth says

    Can I send dollar to euro Dominiciliary account in Nigeria

    1. Living Media International says

      No. You can only send Dollar to a Dollar Dom account and Euro to a Euro Dom account.

  3. Richard says

    Good I will soon open one

    1. Living Media International says


  4. Godswill says

    Can the individual opening the frist dom plus account be able to withdraw the $5,000 after opening the account or the account most always have at least $5000 in it?

  5. grace says

    how long will it take to open a dom account and how soon can it be active?

  6. Mikailu says

    Hi. Nigerian Make money USD account in my country. First bank plc

    Pls give me USD account

    Ask for your bank office where the place?