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How To Connect Your PC To TV Wirelessly

How To Connect Your PC To TV Wirelessly

Maybe you just downloaded a movie from the internet to your PC and want to watch it on your big TV screen, or maybe you want to show your recent holiday photos to your family by projecting your Windows 10 laptop screen to the TV, follow the step-by-step guide below on how to connect windows 10 laptop to the TV to easily set up your laptop to TV connection.

There are several ways through which your laptop can be connected to your TV. You can connect using an HDMI cable or through the use of the in-built Wi-Fi network. On this page, we will be looking at how to use Wi-Fi to connect your Windows 10 laptop to your computer.

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As a preacher or a presenter or a lecturer, connecting your Laptop to a TV works just the same way and gives the same feel as a projector. So if you have a large audience and you want to give pictorial evidence or demonstration of what you are teaching, connecting your laptop to a TV in the absence of a projector will suffice.

All you need is to make sure that your laptop and TV support Miracast. Miracast is a wireless technology with which your computer can wirelessly project the screen to a TV or display that supports Miracast.


Follow the directions given below to wirelessly connect your Windows 10 PC to a TV.


Wirelessly connect Windows 10 laptop to TV

Step 1:

Turn on your TV and make ensure that its Wi-Fi is turned on. To turn on your TV’s Wi-Fi, go to your TV’s settings to check if the Wi-Fi is turned on.

Step 2:

On your Windows 10 PC, go to Settings app > System > Display.

Step 3:

In the Multiple displays section, click on Connect to a wirelessly display link. Windows 10 now start searching for all wireless devices available and list them in the newly opened Connect pane.

NOTE: If the Connect to a wireless display link is missing, this could mean that your device doesn’t support Miracast or that the required drivers are not installed on your device.

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Step 4:

Once your TV’s entry appears in the list, click on it to connect wirelessly your Windows 10 laptop to your TV.

If Windows 10 could not find your display, then click the Detect button in the Multiple displays section.

Change projection settings

By default, when you connect your laptop to a TV or external display, Windows 10 uses the last used projection mode. That is, for example, if your TV was previously used to extend your laptop’s screen, then Windows 10 automatically uses the TV as the extended display upon connecting to it.

If you want to use only the TV’s screen or change the default projection mode, you can do so by changing the projection mode settings. Below is how to change the projection mode on your PC.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings > System > Display, and click the Connect to wireless display link to see the Connect pane.

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Step 2:

Click on Change projection mode to select a projection type from Duplicate, the Second screen only modes, and Extend.


Alternatively, you can use the Windows logo + P to open the Project pane and select mode.

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How to disconnect from TV

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings app > System > Display.

Step 2:

Click Connect to a Wireless display link to reveal the Connect pane. Click Disconnect to disconnect your PC from the TV or display.

On the other hand, you can open the Connect pane by simultaneously pressing the Windows logo and P keys, and then clicking Disconnect to disconnect your laptop from the TV.

Let us know if you have any questions on How to connect your PC to a TV using a wireless connection.

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How To Connect Your PC To TV Wirelessly, see video on YouTube

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