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How to Apply for Commonwealth Graduate Internship 2021/2022

Commonwealth Graduate Intern 2021

Graduate Intern: People of the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Graduate Internship program provides opportunities for recent graduates to participate in all aspects of the Commonwealth, gain experience, and strengthen their knowledge and skills.

Interns are based in specific program teams and are encouraged to engage in a range of activities throughout the organization. The Commonwealth Graduate Intern’s responsibilities are tailored to the program area and the Intern’s own capacities. This typically includes research, project work, preparation of briefing papers, and provision of logistical and administrative support.



The Commonwealth Foundation was established by Heads of the Commonwealth  Government in 1965, reflecting the commitment of Member States to ensuring that the Commonwealth family would be as much an association of peoples as of governments. As one of the three intergovernmental pillars of the Commonwealth, the Foundation operates within that critical space between government and civil society. The focus of the Commonwealth is to:

  • Support the active and constructive participation of Commonwealth citizens in all aspects of their governance
  • Nurture the growth of vibrant and free civil societies in all Commonwealth countries
  • Advance the principles and ideals of the Commonwealth.

The Foundation’s work is delivered through three core programs: Commonwealth Civil Society, Creative Commonwealth, and People of the Commonwealth. A fourth program, Knowledge, Learning, and Communications, brings together our information management, communications, monitoring, evaluation, and learning functions.

People of the Commonwealth

The People of the Commonwealth (POC) is the Foundation’s new outreach and advocacy program. POC brings the views of Commonwealth citizens and communities on critical issues into the center of discussion and decision-making. The program uses multiple platforms including the Critical Conversations series, the Commonwealth People’s Forum, and engagement in Commonwealth policy and other intergovernmental spaces to inform, unite and inspire to effect change.


The person

The POC Intern will have experience or interest in a range of disciplines including communications and event management. Commonwealth would welcome academic knowledge of any of the Foundation’s thematic focus areas: health, environment and climate change, and/or freedom of expression.

The Intern will make a significant contribution to the delivery of flagship events (the Critical Conversations series and the Commonwealth People’s Forum) and engagements in intergovernmental spaces.

Commonwealth is looking for someone with excellent research and administrative skills, and a keen interest in advocacy, international relations, human rights, or development. Skills and experience in the use of technology are essential and knowledge of Microsoft Office and online platforms is required.

Key tasks and responsibilities

All Interns working at the Commonwealth Foundation are required to:

  • Actively promote the values and aims of the Commonwealth
  • Provide support in delivering the Foundation’s objectives, including assisting in cross-Foundation projects, events, and initiatives
  • Undertake research projects and produce research papers
  • Participate in the planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting cycle of the Foundation
  • Contribute to the documentation and sharing of lessons learned and incorporation of these in project reports, publications, and appropriate presentation materials
  • Support the technical aspects of the Foundation’s work including assisting in the management of webinars, online meetings, and social media.


Commonwealth responsibilities and commitments

  • Commonwealth prioritize the professional development of Commonwealth Interns: encouraging their participation in both internal and external learning opportunities and offering rotation between program areas to broaden knowledge and skills
  • Also, Commonwealth support Interns with CV development, interview technique, and opportunities for networking
  • Commonwealth is committed to celebrating and promoting diversity; actively working to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all staff, including our Interns
  • Also, Commonwealth aims to ensure that the Graduate Internship program is as accessible as possible, including to people from a range of socio-economic backgrounds and those who have not yet had a significant internship opportunity


  • The daily allowance is based on the London Living Wage, currently £76 per day (based on 7 hours)
  • 6-month duration with the possibility of extension to 12 months
  • Commonwealth is currently in the process of returning to the Commonwealth Office and the Intern can expect to have the opportunity to work in the office as well as remotely
  • The Intern is fully included in any external training opportunities (including conference attendance) and appropriate internal learning and development programs
  • Assistance is given, where possible, to aid the Intern into their next position at the end of their internship
  • As an internship, this does not constitute employment with the Foundation. There are no payments for bank holidays, privilege days, or sickness. There is a limited holiday allowance.
  • The Intern must have the right to reside in the UK for the full duration of the internship. The Foundation cannot assist in altering the visa status of any applicant and applications from persons who do not have the right to a residency at the time of application will not be considered.



Week of 4 October 2021

Proposed start date:

Week of 11 October 2021 (negotiable)

People of the Commonwealth Job Description 0921 (50 downloads)


30 September 2021 1 pm GMT Apply now

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